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Shift from working "in" the business and begin to work "on" your business with a focused approach to executing your vision.

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We provide a long term approach to transforming your business to deliver profit and long term value.

You Didn't Start a Business Just to Have a Job!

The Entrepreneurial dream shared by many American's is one of success and riches.  While that opportunity exists, there are some cold hard realities about the small to mid-sized business market (<$25MM annual revenues).  It is easy to lose focus on your vision when the day to day needs of your business drive your schedule, and for many the dream becomes and underpaid job.

How can you avoid becoming a statistic?

  • 50% of businesses fail within 5 years

    Statistics show that that 33% of businesses fail by their second year and 80% have ceased operations by year 10.

  • 75% of business owners make little or no income

    35% report taking no income or tapping into personal assets to carry the business. 40% report making less than they earned in corporate employment.

  • 82% of the businesses that fail cite cash flow as the key factor.

    in ability to maintain a positive cash flow is the #1 reason that companies are forced to close their doors.

The Business Success Program

Our program leveraged by 150 consultants in 4 countries provides the structure that the small to mid-sized business owner needs to stay on track and be profitable.  It’s common that a business owner is forced to work “in” their business rather than ”on” the business due to the pressures of day to day operations.  That is where our team can help.

The role of the MetaThinq consultant is to be a long-term success partner and keep the entire team focused on the goals and vision of the business and deliver results driving both profit and long-term value.  We do this in a three-step process: Discovery, Diagnose, and Implement.

Unlike other management consultants who identify the issue and prepare a remediation plan and collect their fee leaving you to implement, we remain as part of your team driving execution and holding all team members accountable.  Think of us as your Business Success Partner and we succeed together.

The Business Success Program Process

  • 1


    This process allows us to identify the challenges facing the business.

  • 2


    We calculate the amount of profit that is leaking from the business and identify areas of the business where process can be improved.

  • 3


    We engage in a long-term process to return profit leakage to your business and increase the overall value of your company.

Three Meetings, Three Hours - That is the initial investment you need to make with a MetaThinq Business Success Partner to start the process to a better business and a better you!

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Why Us

  • Skills

    Our clients are typically experts in the product or service they provide, but often are less experienced in the finer points of running a business.  

    Our consultants have strong business backgrounds and have been specifically trained on those required skill sets.

  • Value

    The goal of the Business Success Program is to start delivering noticeable results within 90 days of the program kickoff.  

    We work closely with your team as an accountability partner ensuring that all stakeholder’s stay on track.

  • Results

    The program has been leveraged by over 1,000 businesses globally. It is a comprehensive and tested system that is easy to implement and simple to follow.  

    It will make permanent changes to your company’s profitability and long-term value.

Our Consulting Expertise

Flexible Staffing and Long-Term Consulting Solutions


  • Process Review & Reengineering
  • System Automation
  • Cost Optimization
  • Program Management


  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud
  • Technology Selection
  • Security & Compliance


  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Creation
  • Brand Amplification


  • Org Health Review
  • Hiring Best Practices
  • Recruiting Techniques
  • Benefits Assessment


  • Pipeline Loss Review
  • Problem Identification
  • Sales Approach Techniques
  • Employee

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Get Our Business Vision Blueprint!

How can you go on a journey without knowing the destination? Studies have consistently shown that one of the greatest reasons for business failure is lack of a strategic direction and plan.

Our Business Vision Blueprint helps you set where you would like your business to be over the next 3-5 years. That vision, once defined, no easily can drive the creation of a sound business plan laying out the steps required to execute.

Take the first step in business success and download out Business Vision Guide and we will also provide you with a BONUS item, the Business Vision Template, which will allow you to easily create your own vision using the blueprint.