Are you Running a Business or Did You Create a Job?

Metathinq-Running a business vs. a job

Running a business isn’t easy or for the faint of heart. There is always something to do, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service. It’s not uncommon to see entrepreneurs or small business owners wearing many hats and working long hours. For many that is done out of passion.  Unfortunately, for many others it is out of necessity. …

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Past Performance No Guarantee of Future Value

Metathinq Employee Loyalty

One of our most important assets, of course, is our employees. When we find an employee that possess the necessary skills and a passion for our company, it’s a home run. The question is how will that employee loyalty hold up as the employee becomes more familiar with their job, management, and customers. Will employee loyalty…

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8 Key Steps to creating a Business Vision that Wins

Metathinq Leverage Business Vision Destination

Can you close your eyes and see where you want your business to be in one year? Three years? Five years? Too many businesses cannot see where they’re heading, and as a result, they drift year over year never really gaining traction. When I refer to business vision, I’m really referring to creating the destination.…

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7 Things you probably didn’t know about Microsoft Office 365

I bet when you think about Office 365 you think about e-mail.  It is the service that Microsoft used in launching the service and is the primary reason people buy Office 365, but the service goes way beyond email.  There are three primary flavors of Office 365 and the comparison of features can be found…

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Falling Out Of Love With Your IT Service Provider?


Most of the companies I work with have an existing IT Service Provider. Their role is to help support their network and assist in making IT decisions.  Coming from that background myself I know this relationship can be invaluable to a growing company. Especially in times of trouble. I have also found that just because…

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Three Great CRM Options that won’t Break the Bank!

Pipedrive CRM

There are numerous options for CRM in the marketplace today.  There are a few options that are geared towards small business.  MetaThinq has had experience with the following CRM packages and each has its strengths and weaknesses.  Each of these applications are capable of lead tracking, pipeline management and customer lifecycle management, but they each…

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