The Business Success Program

You have a vision for your company and we provide the focus to reach those goals.  We do this by helping you become strategic with your business focusing on improve profits, become more efficient, and increase long-term value.

A long term approach to transforming your business to deliver profit and long term value.

Common Business Owner Concerns

    • The money I earn is not equal to the effort I put into the business.
    • I have a good business, but I am struggling to get it to the next level.
    • I am so busy tending to the day to day issues, I have no time for strategic thinking.
    • I feel alone in my business, with no one to turn to for help.
    • Will my company have any value when I decide to exit?

    The BSP Process

    This process, used by over 150 consultants in 4 countries, helps us identify the current state of your business and what improvements can be made.  We identify where profits leak from your organization and collaborate to stop the bleeding. 

    Our Metathinq consultants become a strategic partner to you and your management team helping you step away from the day to day issues of the business and refocus on strategy. 

    We wear two hats, as a consultant we work to guide you in the process of redefining your vision and strategy and then building a business plan to drive execution and play the role of a mentor to the CEO and your staff coaching on the fine art of managing people, process, and the external forces that can distract us.

    The process includes a focused 8-10 week period where we develop your unique strategy and then shift into implementation mode where we manage the performance of the plan.


    Identifying the current state of your Business

    Rescue Stage: Typically in this stage, we find a business that is not meeting its financial obligations and/or is in revenue decline.  The owner may be pouring their own funds into the business and could be in denial about the real state of their business.

    Improve Stage: The owner is working hard, putting in the hours, but the business and its revenues may be flat for an extended period of time.  The owner is fighting busy the battles of day to day operations, but wants to get more strategic with the business and needs help implementing the necessary tactics to improve.

    Grow Stage: The owner is looking to push to the next level.  Sound process and procedures exist within the business and there is strong cash flow.  They just need structure to reach the business vision.

    Business Diagnostic

    Identifying where profit is lost and efficiency can be gained

    Together we do an in depth inspection of your business focusing on current strategy and business operations.  We look at 66 key areas of your business and your answers help us identify lost profits (known as profit leakage) and areas in need of improvement.

    This phase serves as the foundation of the agreement and helps narrow in on what we will need to include in our business plan.

    Strategy & Execution

    Building the plan and getting it done

    A three phase process that focuses on building a strategy and then executing on that plan.  During the strategy development phase we focus on identifying the business vision, or its destination.  Once we clearly understand the goal driving us, we move to the development of the business plan which serves as the map for this journey.

    Phase 2 focuses on the operations and the review of all process and procedures.  We identify what may need to be re-engineered or optimized and develop an operational plan that aligns with our strategic business plan.

    Next, we shift into phase 3, implementation, which includes an intensive period where we launch into our business plan and make the changes necessary to achieve the vision. We act on the strategic and operational plan and work to move fast in making any necessary changes.

    We then transition into steady state operation we hold bi-monthly meetings where we focus on the plan implementation and the KPI's that will drive success. Unlike other business plans that are created, put on a shelf, and never updated again, this program works that plan day after day, week after week, year after year.  We use the plan as our guide and adapt the plan to meet the changing forces of our business.

    Get Your Blueprint

    Get Our Business Vision Blueprint!

    How can you go on a journey without knowing the destination? Studies have consistently shown that one of the greatest reasons for business failure is lack of a strategic direction and plan.

    Our Business Vision Blueprint helps you set where you would like your business to be over the next 3-5 years. That vision, once defined, no easily can drive the creation of a sound business plan laying out the steps required to execute.

    Take the first step in business success and download out Business Vision Guide and we will also provide you with a BONUS item, the Business Vision Template, which will allow you to easily create your own vision using the blueprint.