Thinking about a move to the Cloud? Let MetaThinq be your Sherpa!

Let us be your navigator on your cloud journey.  We will simplify the complexity of the cloud and deliver solutions that will transform your business.

Harness the Power of the Cloud

Companies need a plan that gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. In leveraging the cloud your application infrastructure will provide unparalleled agility, scalability and resiliency.

Our ThinqCoach team can help you identify your requirements, develop and architecture design and bring it to life. At MetaThinq we believe moving to the cloud if only a small part of the journey. True success is measured in the end user adoption of the services provided. That is where companies truly gain the “winning edge”.

There are three major stages in delivering a cloud transformation program.

Discovery and Design

First we meet with your team to align the business requirements with the cloud design.  We review the applications in use to confirm they are “cloud ready” and then begin vendor assessment. Once the correct cloud technology is selected MetaThinq then delivers a migration and implementation plan inclusive of estimated costs, delivery timeline, and adoption strategy.

Implementation and Data Migration

Now that you have a design and migration plan developed you can choose to “go it alone” or engage MetaThinq to implement your cloud solutions. Our consultant ecosystem ensures that you have the right individual resource or team to meet the criteria set forth by our migration plan. In cases where MetaThinq is running the implementation we take a programmatic approach to service delivery.  We have a regular communication cadence with your team informing you when key milestones are met. If we run into a project challenge, we advise you immediately of the issue and remediation steps for your approval.

Measure Success

A successful cloud project goes beyond implementation.  We work with your team on cloud adoption strategies, especially in use cases where the service is not a direct legacy system replacement to ensure the planned business outcomes are achieved.

We monitor usage and look for optimization opportunities the enhance security, performance and/or workflow.  Regular bill reviews are conducted to ensure that services fall within the expected budget.

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