Is your intellectual property protected?  Will you know if you have been hacked? Can you save your organizations reputation?  Let MetaThinq help your company develop a security program to keep your data safe.

A strong security program can bring peace of mind.

Technology trends can change quickly, but one thing remains constant "security never goes out of style".   As the risk of a security breach increases and the hack can become more public, a companies need for a strong information security program has never been higher.

Our consultants and candidates help develop and deliver security programs and solutions to mitigate threat risk and prevent wide-spread data breaches. If regulatory compliance is a concern our team can help you implement tools to make incident tracking and compliance reporting a breeze.

IT Risk and Governance

MetaThinq provides full scale security programs to meet the need of any company.  Do you need a simple foundation of security tools?  We can protect the critical assets, applications and physical data centers within your organization. For those with regulatory compliance concerns MetaThinq can serve as the 3rd party independent review source required by many auditors today.

Security Management

We can assist with the day to day security management of your organization. Afraid your staff are actually the biggest breach concern in your organization?  Metathinq can implement a program to test how your employees handle personally identifiable information.

Are you looking to track individual security events? MetaThinq will help you acquire the correct Security Events Incident Management (SEIM) system to meet your needs.  We will provide your firm with a blueprint for managing security.

Infrastructure Best Practices

We will help you implement a security technology plan that allows you to utilize security best practices to harden your environment.  End-point security services include anti-virus, malware, intrusion detection and prevention strategies and least privilege access.

Strategies for stopping zero-day attacks at the perimeter before damage can be done will be shared with client companies.  We will deliver a security plan that mitigates risk at the application, infrastructure and end-user level.

Highlighted Security Services

  • Security Events Management (SEIM)
  • Application and Perimeter Firewall
  • Cloud Security Services
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Social Engineering
  • IT Governance and Risk Management
  • IT Audit Prep/Review
  • Security Policy Development

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