Innovation drives Business Transformation.

So why do so many companies struggle with this step? Organizations often do not set aside the time to focus on strategy or do not have the resources because of the day to day needs of the business.

Technology Innovation is Driven by the Three P's People, Process, and Platforms

Our portfolio of services helps out clients build a winning IT strategy that meets the needs of the entire business.  We do this by focusing on the three key areas required for successful implementation and operation of any technology, people process and platforms.  


ThinqCoach, your Virtual CIO

A full program where our ThinqCoach will work on a long-term technology plan aligning business strategy and goals to the technology deliverable. Our ThinqCoach team have delivered a wide variety of projects to the Enterprise including CRM, ERP, Data Center Consolidation, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, and collaborative services including Office365 and SharePoint. Learn More

Emerging Technology

MetaThinq meets with leading IT vendors on a regular basis gaining understanding into their product pipelines.  This insight allows us to help our clients understand what emerging technologies could be leveraged to meet their business needs.

Our team vets these solutions before sharing with our clients ensuring the technology is leading edge, not bleeding edge.

Cloud Advisory

MetaThinq will assist your team in the cloud journey.  We start by identifying which applications are "cloud ready" and help you implement a proven methodology that takes you from proof of concept to production.

We help you navigate the vendor landscape and choose the correct cloud solution to support your business goals. Once the solution is implemented we provide you with the strategies needed to get swift adoption of the service throughout the organization. Learn More


Organizational Health

Organizational health is the starting point for achieving your business goals. MetaThinq can help you review the organizational makeup of your IT team and identify where the team may be out of alignment with your plan.

Upon completion of the review if areas of improvement are identified we will help you create a professional development plan and provide mentoring where it is required. Learn More

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