Project/Service Delivery

Industry experience combined with strong planning helps make plans become reality.

You cannot substitute experience!

The members of the MetatThinq professional services team have delivered hundreds of successful projects for customers from Main Street to the Fortune 500.  By leveraging a proven process combining strong project management, qualified engineers, and tested technology solutions MetaThinq achieves what others cannot.

Program/Project Management (PMO)

This group manages corporate programs and/or individual projects. Our PMO provides oversight and coordination of all projects and communication throughout the engagement. For larger organizations with multiple simultaneous projects a program manager will be assigned and oversee all projects reporting on status and metrics.

Technology Migration

No matter if its a move tho the cloud or migration to a new platform MetaThinq's engineering team will leverage proven strategies to make your migration a success.  We leverage qualified engineers holding industry recognized certifications to make your migration a seamless process.

Mitigate Risk and Minimize Disruption

Experience and expertise allow use to reduce project risk. We ensure our PMO has vetted the plan and identify areas of concern before the project starts.  These safeguards help us mitigate disruption, downtime, and customer impact.

Have a project that is going sideways?

A project in jeopardy of going over budget or missing a critical "Go Live" date?

Our existing infrastructure and applications are not meeting the needs of our changing business. we just can't adapt quick enough?

We have taken on clients that have regulatory compliance requirements, can our systems meet those security needs?

I have legacy applications running on obsolete, unsupported do we migrate to a supportable version?

These are common questions that the MetaThinq team are posed every day and we can quickly get you to the correct answer and action plan for you organization.  Our team can provide the leadership, strategy and resources to assist in overcoming any IT challenge and get your organization back on the right path to success.

How We Do It

When an organization experiences IT challenges, whether is be isolated to a specific project or department-wide,  MetaThinq goes to a four step plan to help.

  1. We halt the project or process in question to stop the bleeding.  We assess the problem and create an actionable plan.
  2. We work to stabilize the environment to prepare for a controlled execution of the agreed upon plan that has been created.
  3. We retrench, removing any resources that have prohibited project success or transitioning those parties to a role that better suits their skills.  Where resources are missing MetaThinq will work to supply those skills whether is be a short-term or permanent requirement.
  4. Our leadership and/or tactical resources stay on to ensure the success of the project or until a department transition is complete.

Our team is comprised of industry veterans that have held senior leadership positions and guided enterprise roll-outs in Fortune 500 companies.  Our consultants have led and rescued a wide array of projects

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