Service Provider 2.0

The service provider of tomorrow starts today.  Leverage emerging technologies allowing you to adapt to business changes with ease.

Next Generation IT Services to put you ahead of your competition

MetaThinq believes the role of the IT Service Provider has shifted from operations focused to innovative delivery.  To meet the goals of the clients we serve our solutions look to integrate strategies to improve workflow, automate standard process and deliver results.

When we deliver a project we leverage emerging technologies to bring ideas to life. We look at scalable, resilient solutions delivered by certified industry professionals.

Drive your Business through Best of Breed Technology

  • Project Delivery

    MetaThinq delivers your project leveraging a strong network of industry certified professionals ensuring the right resource team is aligned with your service deliverable.

  • Collaboration

    Corporate Communications has moved beyond e-mail. Voice, Video and Chat solutions bring teams closer and make your talent pool wider.

  • Security and Compliance

    Implement an end-to-end security program to keep your data safe and ensure you are adhering to any regulatory compliance guidelines governing your business.

  • Digital Strategy

    There is nothing better than a great customer experience.  Create digital assets that drive your business increasing opportunity and driving customer satisfaction.

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